Niki Lauda’s reanimation has a positive outcome

Niki Lauda’s reanimation has a positive outcome

After his pulmonary transplant, Niki Lauda’s reanimation is going great. According to the doctors from the Wien hospital, there are both good and bad days, but one thing that never changes is Lauda’s will to fight. All of them are really happy with him because he is supposedly one of the best patients they ever had. Niki is always participating in the physical therapies, and is constantly trying to train his breathing and his muscles by doing different exercises.

Mercedes’s chairman, won’t be taking part in any of the remaining Formula 1 Championships. The first six months, after a transplant surgery, are of great importance and he must preserve his health.

Niki Lauda’s current problems started back in 1976 after a car crash accident, where he breathes in poisonous gas and received burns all over his body. After all those years, a virus caused his lungs to collapse which led to the transplant.


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