Mourinho’s days at Old Trafford are counted?

Mourinho’s days at Old Trafford are counted?

Only two rounds have passed since the start of the Premier League and the ground beneath Jose Mourinho’s feet is already starting to crumble. During the past few days more and more rumours are starting that he will soon be fired from the Manchester United’s manager position. Moreover, the Daily Mail even states that the Red Devils already made a deal with Zinedine Zidane to take over his place. Currently, the French Legend is a free agent, because he left Real Madrid earlier this year. During his time with them, he won the Champions League three times.

Manchester United are currently 9th in the Premier League after facing some unsuspected loses, for an example to Brighton. The players are blaming the hostile environment in the team caused by Jose Mourinho. Paul Pogba even went as far as telling him to contact him only via his manager.


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